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Corneal Topography / Wavefront Analyzer (NIDEK OPD III)

OPD – Scan III

Comprehensive Vision Analysis and Assessment

Corneal Topography

Wavefront  Aberrometer:

Wavefront aberrometry gives unprecedented assessment of visual acuity and quality of vision. Our machine is able to detect higher order aberrations in the optical pathway between the cornea and the retina.  This allows for precise quantification of refractive error and aids in determination of optimal corrective eyewear.


Corneal topography provides intuitive elevation maps and numerical data for the corneal surface. This allows for enhanced detection of corneal pathology such as keratoconus and pellucid marginal degeneration. Serial topography is key in determining if such conditions are progressing over time which may indicate the need for surgical intervention such as corneal collagen crosslinking (C3-R) with riboflavin.

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