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Dr. Jonathan Spilkin - University Eye Clinic

Dr. Jonathan Spilkin, OD

Dr. Spilkin has over 25 years of experience in optometry and related fields. He..

Dr. Peter Solo - University Eye Clinic

Dr. Peter Solo, OD

Dr. Solo received his training in South Africa,Houston Texas, Canada and Northeastern…

Dr. Jason M. Facchin - University Eye Clinic

Dr. Jason M. Facchin, OD

Dr. Facchin (pronounced “fa–sheen”) is a residency trained optometrist who…

Dr. Elsa Budianto - University Eye Clinic

Dr. Elsa Budianto, OD

Dr. Elsa Budianto graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2001 where she…

Dr. David B. Yan - University Eye Clinic

Dr. David B. Yan, MD

Dr. David B. Yan completed his undergraduate training at the University…